Welcome to a short, yet a quite useful post regarding SwiftUI. Today I’m going to show you how it can become possible to round only specific corners of a SwiftUI view. Doing so is usually necessary when we want to decorate views with a different style, and as you will see here it’s actually really easy to achieve it.

Starting by the fact that SwiftUI does not provide a native, built-in way to round certain corners of a view, it becomes obvious that coming up with a custom solution is an unavoidable task. …

One of the most used controls in SwiftUI is the Button view. When creating buttons, a default style is applied to them. For simple cases where customization is not necessary, the predefined style works well; it creates a borderless button with a default highlight appearing when tapped.

As an example, suppose that we have the following button:

With the default button style and without any customization, here is how the button responds when tapped:

Xcode makes available a variety of buttons to use when developing macOS applications. However, none of the predefined button styles leaves much room for customization. For that reason, in this short post I’m going to show how to customize NSButton colors and corner radius; including background, text and highlight colors.

As you’ll see pretty soon, all configurable properties that I’ll present next will become available in the Interface Builder too. By doing so, it will be possible to customize buttons graphically straight in a storyboard or a XIB file; no need for further configuration in code.

After having said all…

Gabriel Theodoropoulos

An iOS & macOS app maker writing code in Swift. Author of countless programming tutorials. Content creator and an uprising edupreneur. https://serialcoder.dev

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