Find out the difference between frame and bounds in iOS programming through a visual and practical way.

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There is an all-time popular and common interview-related topic among iOS, and not only, developers; the difference between frame and bounds of a view! Even though all developers get to know that sooner or later, it might sound the same to the ears of real beginners. Disregarding to look deeper…

A creational design pattern that all devs should be using!

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The purpose of design patterns is to outline solutions to various common software design problems. Becoming popular by the Gang of Four, design patterns provide a theoretical approach on how to solve common challenges that software engineers meet on a daily basis. They do not constitute specific code implementations, therefore…

Displaying borders around views in SwiftUI is easy, and this post shows how to draw borders that are simple, rounded, or have another shape.

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SwiftUI makes it quite easy to create beautiful user interfaces. That fact becomes even bolder when it comes to apply simple styling to views, as many times a single line of code is enough to do the job. Drawing borders confirms that statement, as we can achieve nice results with…

Find out in this quick post how to present a popover in SwiftUI, what’s important to remember, and what you should be expecting from it.

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Popover is a system provided control used widely in applications running both in iPad and Mac. It allows to display additional content or ask for user interaction in a concise and elegant fashion; most importantly, users are familiar with it, so it is easy for them to use popovers.


Show placeholders with the redacted view modifier in SwiftUI.

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It is an undeniable fact that the essence and the real identity of each app is its content. That, in combination to its design and provided user experience, makes every app unique and different. However, it’s sometimes necessary to replace part of, or the entire content with placeholders. …

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An iOS & macOS app maker writing code in Swift. Author of countless programming tutorials. Content creator.

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